Volicon Launches Observer Scout

video content logging and monitoring system provider Volicon has
launched a new audio and video content monitoring tool, the Observer
Scout, for broadcasters, cable operators and IPTV providers. The system
allows client to eliminate costs associated with chronic network

"In many instances, operators can troubleshoot
video faults and significant elevate their QoE [quality of experience]
just by monitoring their services at key handoffs, or at the edge of the
network," noted Volicon Vice President of Product Management Andrew
Sachs in a statement. "The Observer Scout provides this capacity in a
package that is much more robust and far less costly to maintain than
competing monitoring products. [It] is the only monitoring system in
this price range to enable 24/7 video recording of full motion content,
as well as provide content capture and export and support for multiple
users via Web browser access."

Broadcasters and cable networks can
use the system for continuous video monitoring in ingress points or for
monitoring the content for handoff to pay-TV services; for cable and
IPTV operators, Observer Scout can be used to monitor content from
programmers or for post-settop box monitoring at the network edge.