Voice-Over-WiFi Set for a Surge

In findings that bode well for cable's WiFi strategies and a new WiFi-only phone service from Cablevision Systems, Cisco Systems’ latest mobile broadband study predicts that Voice-Over-WiFi traffic will exceed Voice-Over-LTE traffic by 2017.  

That study, the Cisco Visual Networking Index Global  Data Traffic Forecast Update (2014-2019), sees VoWiFi traffic reaching 10.8 petabytes per year by 2017, outpacing VoLTE’s 10.7 PB per year. VoWiFi traffic appears poised to hit 30 PB per year by 2019.  

Cisco, which views VoWiFI  as a potential mobile app “wildcard,” also sees VoWiFi minutes leaping ahead of VoLTE by 2018, and forecasts that VoWiFi will represent 53% of all mobile IP voice by 2019, well ahead of 41% for VoLTE.

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