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Virginia Broadcasters Tout Time Spent With TV, Radio

The Virginia Association of Broadcasters (VAB) is encouraging TV and radio stations to use some of its valuable airtime to let viewers know how much of their time is spent with broadcasters.

As broadcasters push Washington for assurances that the push for broadband does not marginalize their service, the VAB has launched a new campaign of 30 and 60-second TV and radio spots to make the point that people spend more time with TV and radio than all other media combined.

"With the growth of many forms of new media, some believe that radio and television audiences are declining," said VAB in announcing the campaign. "In fact, audiences continue to spend more time with free, local radio and television stations than with all other media combined. The VAB wants the public to recognize that local broadcasters in Virginia have the unique ability to serve their communities with news and information, including lifesaving information in emergency situations."

Legislation to reclaim spectrum from broadcasters is currently active in both the House and Senate, including as part of the President's jobs bill.

The spots were created by CapsLock Communications.