Vimeo Wades Into 4K Pool

Viewing 2015 as a breakout year for 4K, video sharing website Vimeo announced Monday (Dec. 8) that it will give its “Pro” members the option to make content available for download in the emerging, pixel-packed format.

The company said it marks the first major step in its 4K video strategy, noting that it’s had some early success with two VOD titles acquired earlier this year with the 4K download option: Video Game High School Season 3 and A Film About Coffee.    

Vimeo Pro, the company’s premium-level tier, runs $199 per year and includes up to 20 gigabytes of HD video storage per week (up to 1 terabyte per year), unlimited plays, and worldwide distribution. Its lower end Vimeo Plus tier sells for $59.95 per year, and includes 5 GB of storage space per week. 

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