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Video Highways: Transmission and Contribution Tech

A major focus at IBC will once again be on technologies for broadcast transmission as well as on technologies for contribution and distribution of video.

As more broadcasters move to both HD and multiplatform delivery, vendors are reporting growing use of video over IP transport solutions and wider deployments of JPEG2000 systems.

Key advantages of JPEG2000 include very high video quality, low latency and its ability to multiple encoding and decoding without reductions in video quality, says Janne Morstol, COO and CFO of T-VIPS, which is a leading provider in JPEG2000 video contribution and distribution solutions.

This high video quality is particularly important for multiplatform delivery, as you need to start with the best possible image quality, she adds.

To complement its JPEG2000 solutions, T-VIPS will be launching an MPEG-4 satellite contribution system at IBC.

"There are places where JPEG2000 doesn't fit the bandwidth limitations" and this will "allow us to offer our customers a full range of solutions," Morstol says.

Video over IP will also be a major focus for Nevion, notes Eugene Keane, president of Nevion USA. At IBC the company will be showing, for the first time in public, its VideoIPath managed video services system with its new Ventura universal IP transport platform.

The solution "simplifies the process of video over IP," reducing the complexity and the distrust "that broadcasters have had of using what they consider to be the Internet to carry news and other key events," Keane explains.

For contribution and distribution, Harris will be showing enhancements to its Selenio integrated media convergence platform, notes Dr. Glodina Connan-Lostanlen, senior manager strategic marketing, workflow, infrastructure and networking, Harris Corporation, Broadcast Communications.