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Viamedia To Add 2 Million Homes To Google's TV Ad Network

Google struck a deal with TV advertising sales firm Viamedia, which
will provide some ad inventory covering some 2 million homes across 18
cable and telco operators to the Google TV Ads online marketplace.

the addition of Viamedia, the Google TV Ads network will reach 37
million cable, satellite, and telco homes in the U.S., Mark Piesanen,
head of strategic partner development for Google TV Ads, wrote in a blog
post Monday. The service now offers 1,200 gross rating points -- or
GRPs, a measure of advertising reach -- and 1.5 billion available
impressions each week for advertisers, he added.

Viamedia expects
the Google TV Ads partnership to kick off sometime in the second
quarter, spokeswoman Becky Jones said. The company is not releasing
details on number of avails it is making available. Google's advertisers
will have the ability to purchase inventory on 68 networks across the 2
million homes repped by Viamedia.

In addition, Google has agreements to resell inventory from Dish Network, DirecTV and Verizon FiOS TV. Dish provides ad space from more than 100 networks and FiOS is starting with 50, but the deal with DirecTV covers only 11 networks for now.

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