Verizon Threatens Netflix With Legal Action

After calling Netflix’s use of an on-screen message that blames ISPs for slow video streams a “PR stunt,” Verizon Communications has taken it up a notch by threatening Netflix with legal action if the video streaming giant keeps on doing it.

Verizon sent Netflix a letter Thursday demanding that the online streaming giant cease and desist what it claims to be unfair business practices that threaten its broadband business.

The letter comes soon after Yuri Victor of Vox Media tweeted a screenshot of a Netflix browser message that read: “The Verizon network is crowded right now. Adjusting video for smoother playback…” Netflix chief communications officer Jonathan Friedland later noted in a tweet that the OTT video provider is “always testing new ways to keep members informed, and told Re/code that the new tactic is ISP agnostic, and not directed only at Verizon, calling it a “test that advises members when their network is congested…We’ll see whether they think it is valuable or not.”

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