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Verizon Tacks on 182,000 FiOS TV Subs in Q4

The so-called "cord-cutting" of pay TV still hasn't hampered Verizon's
FiOS TV, which added 182,000 net subscribers in the fourth quarter of
2010 to stand at 3.47 million by year-end.

FiOS services are now
the majority of the telco's consumer wireline segment, accounting for
approximately 53% of segment revenue in the fourth quarter compared with
50% in the previous three months.

But Verizon's total wireline
revenue for the fourth quarter 2010 was $10.3 billion, down 2.8% versus
the fourth quarter of 2009, while operating income dropped 2.3% to $253
million. Wireline operating margin improved to 2.5% versus 2.4% in the
year-prior period.

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