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Verizon: Still No Plans For Wired Broadband Usage-Based Plans

As AT&T moves to adopt monthly usage limits and charge overage fees for
DSL, Verizon Communications says that -- for now -- it won't follow suit for
its own wireline broadband services.

"We have no plans to implement usage-based pricing for our fixed
broadband customers," Verizon director of media relations Bill Kula said.
"We will continue to evaluate what is best to ensure our customers get the
best broadband service for the best value."

Effective May 2, AT&T will limit regular DSL users to 150 Gigabytes of
data used per month, while U-verse Internet DSL users will be capped at 250 GB.
Users will be charged $10 for every 50 GB beyond the caps. Roughly speaking,
150 GB would be equivalent to 150 hours of standard-definition streaming video.

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