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Verizon Points Finger At Netflix

In the latest chapter in the ongoing network neutrality debate brewing between Netflix and Verizon Communications, the telco posted a blog post Thursday claiming that a review conducted by Verizon’s networks operations team found that congestion was absent within its network, but did find congestion present at the interconnections link used by transit providers selected by Netflix.

“This review confirmed…there was no congestion anywhere within the Verizon network,” David Young, Verizon’s VP of federal regulatory affairs, wrote.

“While the links chosen by Netflix were congested (congestion occurs when use approaches or reaches 100% capacity during peak usage periods), the links from other transit providers (carrying non-Netflix traffic) to Verizon’s network did not experience congestion and were performing fine,” he added. “For whatever reason (perhaps to cut costs and improve its profitability), Netflix did not make arrangements to deliver this massive amount of traffic through connections that can handle it.”

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