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Verizon FiOS Sub Growth Slows in Q2

Verizon Communications continued to grow customers for its fiber-fed FiOS platform in the second quarter, but the rate of growth also continued to show signs of slowing in the period.  

Verizon added 100,000 FiOS video subs in the quarter, versus 140,000 in the year-ago quarter, extending its total in the category to 5.41 million, up 7.6%.  

The telco signed on 139,000 FiOS Internet customers, down from 161,000 additions a year ago, giving it a total of 6.3 million FiOS Internet subs, up 9.3%. With DSL losses factored in, Verizon added 46,000 total broadband subs in the period, flat from 45,000 net broadband adds a year earlier. Verizon ended the period with 9.1 million total broadband connections, a 1.5% increase. 

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