Verizon FiOS Sub Growth Slows Again in Q3

Verizon Communications continued to add FiOS customers to the pot in the third quarter, but the rate of growth also continued to show signs of slowing on a year-over-year basis.  

Verizon added 114,000 FiOS video customers, down 15% from the 135,000 added in the year-ago quarter, and signed on 162,000 FiOS Internet subs, down 6.4% from the year-ago period.   Verizon ended the third quarter with 6.5 million FiOS Internet subs and 5.5 million FiOS video subs, up 8.8% and 7%, respectively, from the year-ago quarter.

Verizon ended the quarter with a FiOS Internet penetration of 40.6%, up from 39.2%, and FiOS video penetration of 35.5%, down from 34.9%. 

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