Verizon FiOS Starts Selling Full TV Seasons

Applying some additional pressure on Comcast and the MSO’s recently launched electronic video store, Verizon Communications said it has begun to sell dozens of complete TV seasons through its multiplatform electronic sell-through (EST) service.

Verizon had been offering individual TV shows for rent and purchase through its “Flex View” service, but it is now picking up on the bingeing trend by bundling the sale of full TV seasons. Verizon said it is now selling current and past seasons from more than 140 TV series, including Breaking Bad,Mad MenGame of ThronesCastleBoardwalk Empire, and Lost, and expects that number to rise in the coming weeks and months.

Verizon’s “Feel Free to Binge” folder, meanwhile, offers for sale more than 23 in-season TV series, including Glee,The FollowingParks & RecreationThe Voice, and Shark Tank.

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