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Verizon Fios Sheds 13,000 Internet Subs, 41,000 Video Customers in Q2

As anticipated, a troublesome work stoppage negatively impacted Verizon’s Fios connection growth in the second quarter.

Verizon said it lost 13,000 Fios internet connections and 41,000 Fios video subs in the period but noted that it has “made significant progress in working through a backlog of Fios installations in June and has since returned to its normal run rate of Fios connection growth.

Verizon ended Q2 with 14.01 million total Fios digital connections – 4.63 million Fios video subs, 5.49 million Fios internet customers, and 3.87 million residential Fios digital voice connections. Verizon pulled in $2.77 million in Fios-related revenues in Q2, up 3.7% versus the year-ago quarter.

With DSL factored in, Verizon lost 83,000 broadband connections in Q2, dropping that total to 7.01 million.

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