Verizon FiOS Rolls Out ‘Custom TV’

Providing further evidence that the traditional pay-TV bundle is fraying at the edges and the model is shifting to smaller, more flexible programming packages, Verizon Communications has unveiled FiOS Custom TV, a new batch of bundles that will become available to new and existing customers starting Sunday (April 19).

Customers who sign up for Custom TV will get a “Base” (and ESPN-free) package with more than 35 channels – including the broadcast channels, CNN, HGTV, AMC, Food Network – plus two of seven available thematic “Channel Packs” that each offer ten or more additional channels.

Steering clear of a full-on a la carte approach, Verizon FiOS Custom TV is starting off with Channel Packs in the categories of Kids; Lifestyle; News & Info; Sports; Pop Culture; Entertainment; and Sports Plus. Customers can change their Channel Packs after 30 days.

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