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Verizon Boots Up ‘go90’ Trial

Ahead of a broad consumer rollout, Verizon Communications confirmed Tuesday that it has launched a private, invitation-only trial to go90, its new “mobile-first” service targeted primarily at coveted, but hard-to-reach millennial audiences.

Go90, a free, ad-supported service (Verizon has not announced plans to offer a subscription-based version), will let users view video, including live and on-demand streams, anywhere in the U.S. The service will initially by compatible with iOS and Android-powered mobile devices, an official said via email.

Verizon is also playing up the social aspects of the service, noting that go90 will use features such as “Cut & Share; “Crews” (chat about and share content with other fans); connect via SMC, Facebook, Twitter, and email; offer a “Follow” component that lets users track their favorite shows; and “Crowdsource” (recommendations from the go90 community).

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