Utah Scientific Awarded Patent for IP Router

Scientific has received a patent for its UTAH-400 IP router, a 24-port
managed-gigabit Ethernet workgroup router that is designed to give users
more flexibility, speed and control when moving high-bit rate streaming
video or large video files over an Ethernet network.

The Internet protocol-based router is also designed to tap into
growing interest in using IP-based infrastructure and IT equipment.

it can control an IP network in real time, the UTAH-400 IP allows for
much more flexibility in using the network," noted Utah Scientific's
Chief Technology Officer Jeff Levie, who is listed along with Tom
Harmon, Roger Thornblad and Garn Morrell is one of the inventors on the
patent, in a prepared statement. "As a result, users do not have to
suffer with the limitations that typically exist in a network's design.
The need for just such a switching device has increased dramatically as
IT-based equipment has become much more prevalent in the professional
video industry."

With a built-in control panel, the router is unique in that it allows
real-time changes of port priority settings, port speed, security
groups and other functions in response to traffic over the network to
speed up delivery of higher priority items. The Utah-400 IP Router also
makes it possible to quickly set such parameters as bandwidth
allocation, QOS, and VLAN assignments.

The stand-alone product can also be upgraded to work under the
command of the Utah Scientific SC-4 Control System, providing integrated
control over broadcast and IT routing systems.