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USA Today Debuts 'TV on the Web' Listings

Calling Internet video the "natural evolution" of where TV is headed, USA Today has launched "TV on the Web," a daily online and print listing of the best webisodes and video podcasts available online.

The video listings include Web-only comedies and dramas, technology reviews, animation and family-oriented content. The selections are chosen by USA Today editors and reporters, including a weekly pick by the newspaper's Pop Candy blogger, Whitney Matheson.

"With celebrities such as Tom Hanks and Jerry Seinfeld entering the Web-only space, and alternative programming sites such as YouTube, Hulu and Netflix carrying exclusive programming, the time has come to reflect the changing media landscape," USA Today president and publisher Larry Kramer said in announcing the feature. "This is the natural evolution of where TV programming is headed and USA Today is at the forefront by providing these listings spotlighting the best on the Web for our audience."

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