Upfronts 2009: WE Rejiggers Lineup Into Programming Genres

Upfronts 2009: Complete Coverage from B&C

WE tv is organizing its content into three new programming genres and introducing a new tagline, “Simply Fascinating”.

The network’s three new genres, targeting its younger-female demos, will encompass all of its original content: WE Go Bridal, the networks trademark genre; WE Reveal, which will feature intriguing women who reveal stories about themselves and how they live their lives; and WE Transform, real-life stories about achieving personal change with the assistance of experts.  

To kick start the genres, WE is also giving the green light to a number of new series.

We Go bridal will feature:

Bridezillas (28x60”)

Amazing Wedding Cakes (14x60”)

My Fair Wedding (13x60”)

Platinum Weddings (28x30”)

New Series:Jilted (6x60”) -- “It’s now or never!”  That’s the bold ultimatum each Bride wannabe gives her boyfriend at the top of each episode.  Viewers watch to see if the bride get’s hitched or “jilted.”  Series premieres in 2010.

Rich Bride, Poor Bride (13x60”)

We Go Bridal Week – WE tv celebrates sweethearts everywhere with an entire week of wedding themed programming.  From the network’s signature series to inspirational specials, this week of bridal programming pays tribute to one of life’s most special occasions. Airs May 2010.

We Reveal will feature:

New Series:Raising Sextuplets (6x60”) -- After a two-year struggle to conceive, Jennifer and Brian Masche find themselves with sextuplets.  WE tv invites viewers to share this young family’s emotional and heartwarming journey as each sextuplet develops his or her own personality. Series premieres in June 2009.  

Secret Lives of Women (19x60”)

New Series:Most Popular (6x60”)-- British entertainer, Graham Norton, is the host of this new game show that captures an all women jury as they decide through probing questions, quick judgments and audience inquisitions, which of seven female contestants will win the honor of being judged, “Most Popular.”  Series premieres in August 2009.

New Series: Platinum Babies (6x30”) – This new series introduces viewers to adorable babies and their upscale parents who will spare no expense on their little bundles of joy. Series premieres in November 2009.

We Transform will feature:

The Locator (1x60/9x30”)

New Series: “I Want to Save Your Life” (8x30”) -- Diet detective, Charles Stuart Platkin, a nutrition and public health advocate who overcame obesity as a child, is on a mission to help people lose weight.  Each week we follow him as he goes undercover-- with help from the participant’s friends, family and or co-workers; to uncover what’s going on inside and ultimately help people who are overweight change over to a healthier lifestyle.  Series premieres April 25, 2009 at 10PM/9C.

New Series:Adoption Diaries (working title) (5x30”) -- This revealing all-new series follows the individual, uplifting and spirited stories surrounding the open adoption process in America. Series premieres in September 2009.

New Series:You’re Wearing That (10x30”) – Mothers and daughters come together for the ultimate makeover experience as they work with fashion experts to update the other’s look. In the end, they transform not only their personal styles, but their relationship with each other. Series begins in 2010.

Followed by growth of 39% among women 18-49, and 34% among women 25-54, the network’s target demographic, WE tv saw strong growth in 2008.

“In the past year we have seen significant growth among all key demos, which has made WE tv very attractive to the advertising community, Originals, which we define as ‘original real-life stories,’ are the cornerstone of the network,” said Kim Martin, President and General Manager, WE tv, in a statement.