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Unruly Launches Content-Level Targeting for CTV Ad Inventory

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(Image credit: Unruly)

Tremor International's Unruly programmatic ad platform said it has introduced content-level targeting for connected TV and over-the-top video, with 26 segments that allow buyers to select which shows ads will run in based on attributes including genre and rating.

The company said the new capability will help brands looking for contextual targeting. It also helps publishers package inventory more effectively.

“As interest in OTT ad opportunities grows year-over-year, publishers want to meet buyer needs for contextual targeting opportunities on OTT supply but lack the framework to pass this content data in standardized ways,” said Karim Rayes, chief product officer at Tremor International.

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“Content-level targeting gives publishers control over the segmentation and packaging of their inventory, but it ultimately brings benefits to both sides of Tremor’s end-to-end platform. Standardizing content in this way maximizes publishers’ inventory value, while buyers can broaden CTV campaigns across their desired categories,” Rayes said.

Unruly said it is planning to expand support for content attributes in the coming months to include language and IAB content categories, in addition to providing self-service forecasting, reporting and insights tools in support of its new attributes.■