Twitter Revenue Rises, Losses Shrink

Twitter April 26 reported fiscal first quarter revenue of $595 million, up 36% from the same quarter in 2015, and a net loss of nearly $80 million, down more than half from the $162 million the company reported losing a year ago.

A full $531 million of Twitter’s quarterly revenue came from advertising, a jump of 37% year over year, with data and licensing revenue of $64 million accounting for the rest (a jump of 38% from Q1 2015). Nearly 90% of Twitter’s ad revenue came from mobile.

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U.S. revenue accounted for $390 million of Twitter’s take, up 35%, with international revenue totally $204 million, up nearly 40%.

Advertising revenue totaled $531 million, an increase of 37% year-over-year.

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During the quarter, Twitter reported 310 million average monthly, active users, up 3% year over year.

“Few other services can touch as many people as ours — we have more than 800 million visitors on Twitter, and more than 1 billion monthly unique visitors to pages that syndicate Twitter content,” the company said in a statement. “Tweets can, and do, go everywhere. So can Vines, and now Periscope broadcasts in Tweets. This massive audience gives anyone with something to say, show, or stream a chance to connect with people anywhere in the world.”