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TWC Funds Broadband Adoption, Literacy Study

Time Warner Cable will apply $20,000 in research funding to study broadband adoption and digital literacy for older adults.

That is the latest stipend from TWC's Digital Communications research program.

The money will go toward a study, "Older Adults and Broadband Adoption: Where Do We Go From Here?," by Debra Berlyn from the Project to Get Older Adults onLine (GOAL) and John B. Horrigan, senior fellow at the Joint Center of Political & Economic studies.

Earlier this year, TWC announced funding (also a $20,000 stipend) for an examination of the digital needs of the transgender community.

Since 2010, TWC has given out 22 awards to "foster research dedicated to increasing understanding of the benefits and challenges facing the future of digital technologies in the home, office, classroom and community." The awards are open to nonprofits and academics. The next deadline for stipend applications will be April 1, 2014.