TWC Adds MLB.TV To Out-Of-Market Baseball Pitch

In concert with Opening Day, Time Warner Cable says that customers who buy the MLB Extra Innings out-of-market package for set-tops will also get MLB.TV, the service that extends streaming access to tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles, smart TVs and other connected devices, for no extra charge.

TWC, which joins DirecTV and Verizon FiOS with this dual-subscription package, said it is offering the combination to all digital cable customers following the renewal of the MSO’s long-term carriage agreement of the MLB Network.

To prime the pump, TWC is offering a free preview through April 6, estimating that it will give digital subs a chance to gain access to about 80 games, noting that the full package will offer north of 2,000 out-of-market baseball game telecasts, though blackout restrictions do apply. MLB.TV also features same-day replays, a multi-screen mosaic of games being played.

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