TV2GO Acquires Frame Converters From For-A

FOR-A has sold two new FRC-7000 HD Frame Rate Converters to TV2GO Inc., an international satellite transmission and video production company. The equipment has been used by TV2GO for conversion and transmission of the NFL games to Europe and will be used in the upcoming Super Bowl to be played on February 6th.

"Now, for the first time, all NFL games are distributed internationally in high definition," said Lawrence Partington, TV2GO partner. "Previously, we were transmitting only selected games to Europe in HD, but the majority were going over in PAL."

With the new FOR-A purchase, TV2GO has gone from two to four FRC-7000 Frame Rate Converters. TV2GO converts the various North American video signals to a standardized global signal at 1080i at 50 frames per second.

The TV2GO teleport studio also relies on a number of other FOR-A products, including a FOR-A HVS-300HS switcher, two FA-9100 HD/SD frame synchronizers, two FA-9000 HD/SD frame synchronizers, an MV-1610 HS 16-input multi-viewer in the studio, and an MV-410HS quad multi-viewer.

The FRC-7000 uses motion compensation processing by motion vectors to convert field frequencies and enables conversion between different HD frame rates, which makes it ideal for converting the frame rate prior to transmitting at international sporting events.