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TV One Adopts Broadway Systems Ad Platform

TV One has deployed Broadway Systems' advertising software platform to manage program scheduling, advertising sales and traffic and billing. The new end-to-end software system would improve inventory management and help the network maximize its profitability, noted Jody Drewer, TV one executive vice president and CFO.

"Our planners can steward deals in the fly rather than wait until after the fact," Drewer explained in a statement. "We don't lose time on ADU [Audience Deficiency Unit] analysis, so we can make good on a deal with the deal is still open. That makes us more proactive, not reactive-and it allows TV one to provide better customer service."

As part of the implementation, Broadway has also integrated its system with StorerTV's SIMS program management software using a BXF interface and interfaced its software with the Comcast Media Center's on-air automation systems.