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TV Ad Spending Down 3% in Q3: Kantar

Ad spending on TV fell 3% in the third quarter, hurt by lower spending by consumer packaged goods companies on cable and fewer NFL games on broadcast.

The report from Kantar Media comes amid talk of a hot fourth-quarter scatter market for network ad time following a 2015-16 upfront that might have finished stronger than early signals indicated.

Cable TV spending by advertisers was down 4.2% as consumer packaged goods marketers cut back on the medium. CPG advertising usually accounts for about 20% of cable ad spending. Kantar said the same number of brands advertised, but bought less commercial time.

Broadcast network TV spending was down 1% in the quarter, Kantar said. The drop was caused by the scheduling of NFL games so that there was one fewer weekend of games in September this year compared with last year. Had the number of games been comparable, network TV spending would have been up 3% to 4%, Kantar added.