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Turner Taps Snell For Upconversion Needs

Video processing, routing and automation supplier Snell announced Tuesday
(Feb. 16) that cable programming giant Turner Broadcasting System is using
Snell's Quasar Ph.C motion-compensated upconversion device to prepare
standard-definition content for inclusion in its HD networks.

Turner has installed over 50 Quasar Ph.C upconverters at its network operations
center in Atlanta, where they are
used to upconvert SD content and graphics for the HD simulcasts of TBS, TNT,
Cartoon Network, TCM, and truTV. The Quasars
are also used to upconvert programming for WPCH (Peachtree TV), Turner's
owned-and-operated broadcast station in Atlanta.
The Quasar systems are used in conjunction with Snell's RollCall system, which
provides a monitoring and control interface for all signals in the operation.

Snell says that it worked with Turner engineers to help develop a custom
algorithm for the Quasar systems that optimizes the handling of 4:3 materials
stretched to the 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio. The customization provides
user-configurable settings that allow Turner operators to fine-tune the
presentation of 4:3 SD materials so that they are not distracting when
upconverted to 16:9, says Snell.

"The Quasar Ph.C systems have enabled us to incorporate a wide range of SD
sources - video, film, graphics, or animations - into our HD broadcasts with
upconversion that meets Turner's high-quality standards," said Jack Gary,
senior director of projects and integration engineering for the Turner
Entertainment Networks, in a statement.