Turner Selects Nexidia QC

The developer of dialogue and audio analysis technologies,
Nexidia, has announced that Turner Broadcasting System has incorporated Nexidia
QC into its workflows to automate quality control of television closed
captioning and video descriptions.

"Turner worked closely with Nexidia on the integration
of the Nexidia QC product with Turner's existing systems," said Ken Brady,
senior VP of media technology and operations at Turner Broadcasting System, in
a statement. "In collaboration with Nexidia, we have created a method to
monitor closely our compliance with the FCC's closed captioning and video
description rules, in support of our hearing-impaired and visually impaired

Brady added that "Nexidia QC is in use across Turner's
television networks for both descriptive video and closed caption monitoring"
and that "Turner sees Nexidia QC as an important part of our delivery."

As part of the deployment, Nexidia's speech analytics
technologies determine whether closed captions match the dialogue in the audio
for a television program. It ensures that the right caption file appears
against the right program in the right language, and that it is properly timed
from ingest to play-out and beyond, the companies reported.

In terms of video descriptions, Nexidia QC
compares a video description track for a television program to the main program