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Turner Experiments With Visible World's Customized Ads

Turner Broadcasting System is experimenting with Visible World's ad-customization system through TBS-Atlanta, the corporate division that handles local ad sales for Turner's Atlanta broadcast station, WTBS.

Visible World's software-based IntelliSpot technology will allow TBS-Atlanta advertisers to target, tailor, monitor, and actively change television ads within seconds. Ads can be updated in real-time based on market conditions, such as a car dealership changing the model featured in a spot based on recent sales or a bank altering its spot to show new commercial rates if the Federal Reserve suddenly raises interest rates.

"We strive to offer advertisers innovative and effective solutions for reaching their target audience,"  said Tom Stevens, senior vice president of sales for TBS-Atlanta, in a statement. "By partnering with Visible World, the companies that advertise with us are able to electronically create, customize, deliver, and monitor intelligent video spots, helping them make the most of their advertising investment."