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Trump: Someone Should Look Into 'SNL' GOP 'Hit Job'

President Donald Trump levied a threat at NBC Sunday (Feb. 17) after Alec Baldwin skewered him yet again on a Saturday Night Live cold open.

The President characterized the satire as a Republican hit job, suggesting that it should not go without "retribution," and that there were other shows that were similarly unfair and "should be looked in to."

He followed that up with an all-caps tweet of his anti-press mantra:


The White House has said the President's tweets are official statements.

As to any "looking in" to TV shows over content the President doesn't like, FCC chairman Ajit Pai is on the record, in response to the President's tweeted calls for license reviews of NBC over a 2017 news story he said was fake news, that he was committed not to affecting license transfers due to the content of newscasts, not to launch investigations based on the content of newscasts, and not to retaliate against companies based on the content of newscasts.