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Trio Video Selects Canon Lenses

The mobile production company, Trio Video, has acquired six long zoom HD field lenses and five portable HD zoom lenses from Canon for its Tempo production vehicle. The lenses will be used for HD sports and entertainment production.

"Out in the field, we need all of our equipment working all the time, and our vendors have to be available 24/7 in the event that there's an issue," stated Peter Kimball, Trio Video's director of program development and production in a statement, who cited image quality, reliability, customer service and support as key reasons for the acquisitions.

Canon lenses mounted on Tempo's HD cameras include two XJ86x9.3B and four XJ75x9.3B long-zoom HD field lenses, three HJ22ex7.6B long-zoom portable HD lenses, and two HJ14ex4.3B wide-angle portable HD zoom lenses.

Tempo is a 48-ft. trailer with a 29-ft. expandable side for HD productions that is one of half dozen production vehicles operated by Chicago-based Tempo.