Transit TV on The Move With Anystream

Transit Television Network (Transit TV), which provides video programming to mass transit riders, is Anystream’s Agility content production software to help produce daily content for commuters in Orlando, Milwaukee, Chicago, Atlanta and Los Angeles.

Transit TV is using Agility automate the complex and time-consuming process of converting content provided by different partners and recorded with different formats into one broadcast-quality format. The system enables Transit TV to produce over two hours of content daily and deliver it to one million commuters while eliminating manual production, enabling personnel to spend more time on content creation and development.

“Agility paid for itself in a matter months by freeing us to work on more creative projects,” said Jeff Hartlieb, Director, Content and Production, Transit TV, in a statement.“Our content comes from a wide variety of partners including local news stations, advertisers and others. Assembling it into one hour of programming was previously a challenge, as every partner delivered their video in different formats. By automating the process of converting all this content into one broadcast-quality format, Agility has saved us huge amounts of time.”