Trail Blazers Adopt Solid State Logic System

The NBA's Portland Trail Blazers have upgraded its primary broadcast control room with a 32-fader, 96-channel Solid State Logic C100 Digital Broadcast console with Alpha-Link Live I/O and Alpha-Link 8-RMP units, which are being used to produce pre- and post-game programs.

"To complete our move into HD, we needed to produce 5.1 surround audio mixes for our partner, Comcast SportsNet, and for our terrestrial broadcast partners and this necessitated getting a digital console," noted Mike Janes, director of engineering for the Portland Trail Blazers in a statement.

He cited the console's reliability, its state-of-the-art technology and its processing power, which would allow them to expand the system in the future, as key reasons for going with the vendor.  

The audio feeds are connected via Solid State Logic's Alpha-Link Live and Alpha-Link 8-RMP units. Their flexibility was another important reason for choosing the system, Janes noted.

"With the Alpha Link I/O packages, we have the flexibility to connect these units through our extensive camera cabling system, allowing us to easily put I/O in our truck docks, in our studio areas and in remote case for the stadium floor," he added.