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TorrentFreak: ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale Breaks Series Piracy Record

Sunday night's finale of Emmy award-winning series Breaking Bad didn't just break a viewing record for AMC. The episode also drew a record-setting number of pirated downloads for the series.

Just 12 hours after the first copy of the finale appeared online, more than 500,000 people have already downloaded the episode via a range of torrent sites, reported TorrentFreak, a news site focused on file-sharing and privacy and copyright issues.

According to a TorrentFreak data sample, the most illegal downloaders were based in Australia (18%), followed by the U.S. (9.3%), the United Kingdom (9.3%), where Netflix subscribers could access the episode the day after its U.S. pay-TV premiere. At the peak, more than 85,000 people from around the globe were sharing a single copy of the finale, still well behind the record of 170,000 people sharing a single copy of Game of Thrones, the site noted. So, HBO gets to retain that dubious honor.

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