Top U.S. MVPDs Shed 150,000 Video Subs In Q3

Offering fresh numbers that could add fuel to the cord-cutting debate, Leichtman Research Group said the thirteen largest pay-TV operators in the U.S., representing about 95% of the market, shed about 150,000 net video subs in the third quarter.  

That result, representing more net losses than in any previous third quarter, compared to a net loss of just 25,000 subs in the year-ago period, LRG said.  

The U.S.’s top MVPDs ended the quarter with 95.3 million subs. The top nine cable MSOs had nearly 49.5 million video subs at the end of the period, followed by DirecTV and Dish Network (34.2 million collectively), and the top telcos (11.6 million).

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