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Top Cable MSOs Add 1M Broadband Subs in Q1, Telcos Lose 45K

U.S. cable operators again dominated the broadband landscape in Q1 2017, as the top MSOs added about 1 million subs, while the top telcos lost about 45,000 in the period, compared to a year ago gain of 10,000, according to new data from Leichtman Research Group.

LRG, basing its findings on the 14 largest MSOs and telcos in the U.S., representing 95% of the market, said the combined sector added 960,000 broadband subs in Q1, representing 85% of those added in the year-ago quarter. In Q1, 90% of the net broadband sub adds came way of the nation’s top MSOs, LRG said.

The largest U.S. broadband providers now account for 93.9 million subscribers—59.4 million from the largest cable companies and 34.5 million among the biggest telcos.

LRG said the top telcos, which continue to shed DSL customers, have had net broadband losses in seven of the past eight quarters.

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(Photo via Rock1997Image taken on Jan. 18, 2017 and used per Creative Commons 2.0 license. The photo was cropped to fit 3x4 aspect ratio.)