TNT, TBS Team With The Black List to Tap Diverse Writers

TNT and TBS said they are partnering with online community The Black List on an initiative to promote diversity in the industry by identifying talented writers to develop scripts and concepts for the networks.

TNT and TBS are the first television networks to team up with The Black List following the site's expansion into episodic content, according to the Time Warner-owned outlets. The networks will be looking for writers from diverse backgrounds for possible blind script deals and staffing consideration on TBS and TNT series, with the goal of signing script deals with particularly strong writers in the half-hour comedy and hour-long drama genres.

The Black List is an online location where video content creators find scripts to make and writers to write them and where writers find producers, studios and networks to make their scripts and employ them. Since its launch in October 2012, the Black List has hosted more than 10,000 screenplays and teleplays and has completed more than 13,000 script evaluations. More than 40 writers have found representation at major agencies and management companies, while more than 20 writers have sold their scripts as a direct result of introductions made via the site. At any given moment, more than 2,000 screenplays and teleplays are being actively hosted on the site for perusal by more than 2,300 film industry professionals, ranging from agency assistants to studio chairs and network heads.

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