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TNT Launching ‘Micro-Series’ in Primetime

TNT, teaming up with advertisers Dodge and AT&T, will present Lucky Chance, a “micro-series” developed for the network, during commercial breaks in primetime.

Lucky Chance will air in 20 two-minute installments during episodes of Bones and Law & Order beginning July 22.

The plot features DEA agent Lucky Chance, framed by a crime boss for an offense he did not commit. As part of the show, Chance will drive a new Dodge Challenger and use AT&T mobile technology during his mission to clear his name.

“Television is still the most powerful vehicle to engage and emotionally connect with consumers,” said Linda Yaccarino, executive vice president of Turner Entertainment ad sales and marketing, announcing the series. “Through effective storytelling, entertaining content and like-minded marketing partnerships, we continue to provide a reason for viewers to stay tuned to our network throughout the commercials and drive them to seek more content on other screens.”

Full Circle Entertainment and production house Espionage developed and produced the series with TNT.

“This is a brilliant and uniquely styled drama that not only tells a fun story but also services the brands in a powerful way.  We are pleased to be working with these two great brands and are thrilled to be continuing our long history with TNT,” said Robert Riesenberg, President and CEO of Full Circle Entertainment, in a statement.