TNDV Expands Mobile Production Fleet

Mobile production specialist TNDV has added a sixth truck to its fleet, a new 40-foot truck called Elevation.

The truck is designed to provide powerful production tools in a more manageable, energy-efficient package.

Elevation includes an on-board 25kW generator to power air conditioners and the production infrastructure.

In a statement, Nic Dugger, TNDV owner and president, noted that the company “specializes in challenging shoots in unusual locations, from private outdoor concerts to high-intensity athletic events in temporary venues” and that the generator makes Elevation ideally suited for remote locations.

The new truck includes a Ross Vision 3 switcher, an Imagine Communications Platinum integrated router and Aja Ki-Pro recorders on the video side, along with multiple Hitachi SK-HD1000 cameras for multi-standard, multi-format field production at premium quality.

The audio infrastructure includes a redundant ProTools system, JoeCo MADI recorders, an 80-port RTS ADAM intercom system and the Soundcraft VI-3000 audio console.

“The VI-3000 moves us into the 96-input world from the 64-input world of our other video-centric trucks, and adds an integrated I/O infrastructure located physically on the desk itself,” explained Dugger in a statement. “This not only increases our channel count for larger audio productions, but simplifies our setup and configuration process for signal processing and source equipment across the audio infrastructure.”