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TiVo May Order Up MoCA for Multiroom DVR

TiVo has joined the Multimedia over Coax Alliance, the industry
consortium that maintains the standard for home networking over in-home
coaxial cable, looking to tap the technology to provide multiroom DVR

Currently, TiVo provides multiroom DVR functions through a
wireless Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet home network. The company "sees the
MoCA membership as a potential way to bring home networking to the next
level," Jim Denney, TiVo vice president and general manager of product
marketing, said in a statement. "Integrating MoCA into our products will
enable service providers to offer a simple home networking solution
that offers unrivalled quality of service."

MoCA president Charlie Cerino, who also is vice president of Comcast
Center Technology, commented: "HD DVRs are a vital component of the home
entertainment system and TiVo's membership substantiates the standard
here in the United States. TiVo will also expand our reach into Europe
and Asia, where we continue to gain traction daily."

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