TiVo, Clypd Do a Programmatic TV Deal

TiVo’s Research and Analytics unit and clypd have struck a programmatic TV ad agreement under which clypd will incorporate TiVo’s data products, including its True Target Index, into its sales platform.  

They claim the deal will help media owners understand their audiences' media consumption patterns well beyond the industry standard demographics. Clypd said the addition of TiVo’s data will allow for a better understanding of specific attributes, including TV viewing behaviors, product purchase behaviors, automobile ownership and custom direct-match behavioral data.  

"TiVo Research's relationship with clypd is an industry-leading example of how MVPDs, broadcasters and cable networks can maximize the value of their ad inventory by making it available for purchase in an environment optimized for transparent audience-based ad targeting," said TiVo Research chief research officer Jonathan Steuer, in a statement. “Using the clypd platform, media owners can enable buyers to execute transactions directly against these audiences and then use the metrics offered by TiVo Research to measure campaign impact and maximize efficiency." 

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