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TiVo Brings VUDU to Operator DVRs

TiVo has offered VUDU, Walmart’s video streaming and electronic sell-through platform, on retail Roamio DVRs and TiVo Mini devices, but is now making it available to MVPD partners as part of a summer software upgrade release.

The upgrade also adds Plex, an app that lets users view media stored on PCs on the TV, iHeartRadio (about 2,000 Internet radio stations); and Yahoo! Screen, an on-demand streaming service featuring TV shows, movies and video clips.

TiVo said it began to roll out those new updated apps on Monday (June 8) on Roamio, Mini and Premiere devices. TiVo users who get a TiVo box from their cable provider can access the updates on several MSO-optimized models, including the T6, Quad, Preview, Mini and XG1.

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