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Time Warner Cable Offers Full Season 'Catch-Up' For Five NBC Primetime Series

Time Warner Cable is offering the entire seasons of five NBC primetime series on-demand, at no additional cost to digital cable customers -- although two of the network's most popular shows, The Office and 30 Rock, are not part of the lineup.
The NBC series available on TWC's Primetime on Demand "catch-up" service mark the first time the MSO is offering full seasons on free VOD. The show are: Parks & Recreation season 3, Parenthood season 2, The Event season 1, Outsourced season 1 and Perfect Couples season 1.

Time Warner Cable digital TV customers can find the shows in the NBC menu on the Primetime On Demand channel. As with other ad-supported VOD services, including Time Warner Cable's Start Over, viewers are unable to fast-forward through ads.

Advertising for the five NBC series is sold by the network, Time Warner Cable spokeswoman Nathalie Burgos said.
Currently, TWC is not using dynamic ad insertion with its VOD service, Burgos said. Canoe Ventures, the advanced TV ads company owned by Time Warner Cable and five other cable operators, plans to test out VOD ad insertion in 2011.