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Time Warner Cable Extends Tablet Campaign: '300,000 People Can't Be Wrong'

Time Warner Cable stoked the fires on the public-relations campaign
defending its customers' right to watch live TV channels on iPads, running a
full-page ad in Monday's edition of The Wall Street Journal pledging
to fight programmers that have objected to the feature.

The cable operator has said more than 300,000 customers have downloaded the free
TWCable TV app for the popular Apple tablets since its debut March 15. Several
programmers -- including Discovery Communications, Fox Cable Networks and
Viacom -- sent cease-and-desist letters to the MSO, demanding that their
networks be removed from the service because it fell outside the bounds of
existing carriage agreements.

TWC last Thursday complied, removing
12 networks from those programmers
, even though it continued to assert that
it has the rights to offer them to iPads and other devices. The MSO also added
more than two dozen other channels
from Disney/ESPN, Comcast Networks,
Rainbow Media and Turner
Broadcasting System

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