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Time Warner Cable Extends Nagra-Open TV Deal

Nagra-OpenTV has announced that they have extended their advanced advertising partnership with Time Warner Cable Media, the advertising sales division of Time Warner Cable.

As part of that agreement, the MSO has selected Nagra's newest campaign management product, EclipsePlus/xG Billing, and renewed of deal between both companies for Nagra-OpenTV's advanced advertising products.

"We have chosen EclipsePlus/xG Billing to be our enterprise system because it supports our desire to serve our clients with a wide and varied portfolio of advertising solutions," said Chris Faw, senior VP of operations at Time Warner Cable Media. "It is a tremendous opportunity to simplify the billing and reporting process for our clients by seamlessly combining multiple advertising products onto a single invoice."  

EclipsePlus/xG Billing is the newest iteration of the Eclipse line of campaign management solutions which are used to schedule more than 100 million spots per month and manage more than $2.5 billion of annual advertising revenue around the world.

The solution allows advertising sales team to combine data from multiple order management and traffic systems into individual invoices that reflect each ad's metrics and pricing. The system can be used for any type of ad campaign -- including linear, on-demand, interactive, addressable or targeted advertising systems, Web, mobile, satellite, over-the-top and long-form.

Paul Woidke, senior VP and general manager of advanced advertising for Nagra-OpenTV added in a statement that "EclipsePlus/xG Billing is the cornerstone of our next generation advanced advertising solutions, further strengthening our ability to provide today's MSOs with reliable and robust solutions that not only serve traditional ad campaigns but the growing need to address emerging forms of advanced ads -- whether on-demand, interactive, multiscreen or addressable."