Thomson Gains More Traction With Comcast

French conglomerate Thomson, which announced a major deal in July 2008 to provide Comcast with low-cost digital set-tops known as Digital Transport Adaptors (DTAs), has won more business from the U.S. cable giant.

The company announced that it will provide Comcast with advanced cable gateway devices to support next-generation broadband Internet and voice services. Comcast expects to start deploying the Advanced Cable Gateways in the third quarter. Thomson already supplies Comcast with traditional voice and data modems.

"Thomson's highly innovative Advanced Cable Gateway devices are a central part of our roll-out of enhanced digital communications services," said Comcast CTO and EVP Tony Werner in a statement. "Comcast Thomson's gateways add functionality and features beyond that of traditional offerings. The new device will enable Comcast to offer a whole new level of services to our subscribers. We will thus not only be improving the phone services within the home, but expanding the visual experience beyond the TV and PC."

Thomson said that Comcast will soon be deploying its DTAs as a low-cost way to convert analog homes to digital service, and that it is currently working on the second generation of DTA, which will be smaller than a PDA.