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Tegna Media Taps Video Call Center for Live Video Call-In Services

New York-based Video Call Center (VCC), which provides live video call-in services to TV shows and networks, has licensed its IP video management and product technologies to Tegna Media and its 46 U.S. TV stations, the companies announced.

VCC’s technology allows program hosts to manage on-air guests, reporters and other video callers, without the need for production staffs or in-the-field crews.

Tegna (formerly Gannett) made an initial investment in VCC in mid-2015, after VCC produced more than 100 hours of live programming for Tegna’s KUSA in Denver.

“We are glad Tegna Media is continuing to partner with us and admire their efforts to deliver relevant, engaging and innovative programming across platforms,” said VCC executive chairman Tom Wolzien.

Dave Lougee, president of Tegna Media, added: “We have to continually find ways to improve and innovate to meet the changing needs of our audiences. Using the VCC platform, we are able to produce original, interactive programming. We are excited about this technology and look forward to rolling it out to other Tegna Media stations.”