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Technicolor Unveils HDR Transition Tech

As more producers create for high dynamic range (HDR) displays, Technicolor has launched a new HDR single-layer solution for testing.

The offering, which is compatible with MPEG HEVC standards, creates a video that can be more efficiently delivered than unprocessed HDR files and is at the same time backwards compatible with legacy standard dynamic range (SDR) displays.

This will make the transition from SDR to HDR technologies easier, the company believes. 

“Today the option to view HDR content is an either-or scenario depending on screen display, which creates duplicity and inefficiencies in delivering content to the consumer,” said Mark Turner, VP of partnership relations and business development at Technicolor, in a statement. “Our single-layer technology looks to address such challenges, dramatically reducing storage and bandwidth costs by eliminating the need for two delivery systems, which will mean more consumers will enjoy the benefits of HDR sooner and on more screens.”

As part of a push to make it easier for companies to adopt HDR video, Technology expanded its HDR grading services and launched of its Intelligent Tone Management plug-in. 

It is also a founding member in the UHD Alliance, and has submitted the solution for standardization to the Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG).

Testing is also underway with providers of hardware video decoders for devices.