TapCast Launches New Social TV Platform

Toronto-based TapCast has launched a new technology platform, TapCast.TV, that is designed to help broadcasters and content owners develop second screen and social media experiences on smart phones and tablets that are synchronized with their TV viewing.

"Our turnkey solution makes it easy for broadcasters to boost their social influence by offering second screen experiences to engage and broaden their mobile audience base, " says TapCast CEO and co-founder Saroop Bharwani, in a statement.

He also noted that such applications are becoming increasingly important as consumers spend more time with social media while watching TV. Nielsen data suggests, for example, that approximately two-thirds of smart phone and tablet owners use their gadgets to do things like text, post, interact, "Like", or chat about what they are watching on TV.

The platform allows companies to offer a wide variety of features including social media applications, interactive polls and contests, commerce applications to buy products related to their TV viewing, TV schedule information, content discovery and so forth.