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Tandberg Set To Unveil Device-Aware Back-Office

Tandberg Television will debut a device-aware back-office to support content delivery from any platform to device at the CableLabs summer conference Aug. 9-12. The new initiative uses current on-demand infrastructure to support the content delivery.

The ability to deliver content from any platform to any device may benefit cable operators, who can expand on-demand services revenue and improve subscriber relationships. "TV as we know it is changing and service providers need to offer everything on-demand, because their customers expect it," said Tandberg's VP of Software Product Management Andrew Rowe. He added that cable operators can use the newly-enhanced OpenStream system to provide subscribers with seamless viewing across TV, PC, and mobile devices.

The enhanced OpenStream digital services platform will allow operators to use their existing on-demand assets to enable multiplatform viewing. At the upcoming conference, Tandberg will demonstrate "session-shifting" technology which allows subscribers to pause or playback a program on one device and resume playback of the same video on another.

The system has the ability to support VOD with MPEG-4 AVC capable set-tops and legacy MPEG-2 boxes.